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A Ventra7 partnership provides the full range of services to empower you to become a property management expert in any type of economy.

Short Term Leases

We help landlords find a more diverse mix of tenants and help them quickly fill their spaces while waiting for long-term tenants.

Web Development & Analytics

Our team can set you up with your own website to showcase your property and tell you how your digital marketing channels and assets are performing.

Improvements & Security

From internet service providers and bandwidth to security systems and beautification, we can help you revamp and update your space.

Office Leases

Our licensed realtors and brokers assess commercial locations and office spaces, consulting with clients to decide how best to use them. We can turn environments into temporary or permanent co-working spaces, rent out conference rooms by the hour, and set up sets for production. We not only manage the rental, but we are with you through the entire design process and quickly transform the space to serve best uses. We can facilitate small build outs that have the potential to be so effective you might just decide to keep them!

Capital Improvements

Uncertain about how you can improve your property? Our comprehensive services will provide you with endless options on how to implement capital improvements of all types. Our construction team can spruce you up with a new coat of paint and our technologists can bring in ISP’s and fiber internet for a complete modernization of the entire building in every way, shape, and wireless form.

Website Development

Our team is robust with engineers, coders, and designers who will develop a beautiful and compelling website to showcase your property or rentals. You will receive data and analytics about website traffic and links as well as information about increased brand awareness and marketing. We can help to resolve your pain points with technology and elevate your assets in the digital sphere.

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