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At Ventra7, we’re all about technology and we’re here to show you how to use evolving tools to your advantage. With 3D camera mapping, we can give potential tenants a better understanding of your space with a full “in-person” tour without ever setting foot on site.

New Technology Serving

Real Estate Marketing

As uses of technology continue to adapt, we are now seeing a rise in the increase of visual rendering and virtual reality as a tool to showcase and preview real estate. Early adopters of this technology have mainly been the luxury real estate and hotel chains, but is now becoming more common practice in the commercial property sphere. Construction management companies can scan a project for review and create visual punchlists. Realtors and landlords can even program custom guided 3D virtual tours for clients to provide a personalized walk through of a house, office, or any location.

What is Matterport?

Matterport cameras and immersive media allow you to explore a place as if you were really there. Special cameras capture the interior of any space, creating 3 different modes for clients to explore the spatial data – exterior floor plan views, spatial and interior design tours, and fully immersive virtual reality walk throughs.

This technology also provides 2D and 4K print ready standard and panoramic photographs and technical assets like point clouds, ceiling plans, you name it! The best part is that all the media is ready made for web, mobile, and VR headsets so it can be accessed at any time, providing landlords with convenient visual marketing to wow clients, close more deals, and shorten sales cycles.

How does it work?

One of our reps here at V7 will come in with a camera and start the scanning process. Each scan takes about 20 seconds, cameras have a scanning range of 15 ft, and can scan a typical 2000 ft² property in 30 minutes or less. The individual scans are then uploaded to the Matterport cloud system that utilizes powerful algorithms to process the data and in a few hours the system will render a 99% accurate 3D Virtual Model that can then be accessed from anywhere, shared as a web link or embedded in a website. The camera hosts its own wifi connection so it can be utilized in any space. No additional tools, special lighting, or staging equipment are required.

What are the benefits?

Just as many restaurant goers want to see reviews and pictures before they chose a restaurant, Matterport allows tenants and space utilizers to have a full preview and understanding of a space and its endless potential before they even arrive. With VR site tours and 4K photos supported across web and mobile viewing, interested tenants can view your property as fast and easily as opening an email or watching a youtube video on their cell phones, providing convenience for both landlord marketing and tenant research. Landlords can now elevate their listings and captivate customers with beautiful and vivid interactive 3D experiences and give clients added confidence in their choice to book their property.