We’re Making Real Estate Experiential

Ventra7 (V7) is not your traditional real estate or property management firm. We don’t list your property and sit on our asses until someone sees the sign out front.

At V7, we work as partners with building owners to maximize the value of their assets by optimizing performance and creating meaningful tenant experiences. We do this through hands-on management, innovative technology, and unique lease structuring methods.

How we’re different than traditional brokers & agents.

Welcome to VENTRA7

V7 specializes in alternative revenue real estate and property management. In today’s 8-second attention span world where Instagram is the new currency and the shared economy is growing, it requires a different approach to the dying industry of conventional real estate. A new, innovative approach is taking over. One that blends the digital Omni-channels with the traditional brick & mortar. We are Ventra7. Ask us how we can help transform your space and start generating you revenue!


Why We’re Able To Generate More Revenue

01. Spacial Planning & The Built Environment Are Our Crafts

02. We Offer In-house IT, Business Formation, And Creative Services.

03. Our Marketing Is Strong Enough We Don’t Need To Lock Tenants In.

04. We Provide Turn Key Solutions, Furnished Options, WiFi, Security, and Lounges.

05. We Allow Tenants To Scale Without Penalties. We Grow With You.

06. We Don’t Hold Out For A Single Tenant. Our Multi-Tenant Model Actually Generates More Revenue.

We’ve become experts in alternative and specialty revenue for commercial real estate, film location scouting, and landlord representation.


Blazing Fast Internet (All Locations)


Real Estate + Studio/Media Contacts


# of Covid Cases @ V7 Properties


Commercial Properties Managed/Listed

Our Services Don’t Interfere With Existing Brokers

We simply add alternative revenue streams to your property or listing so it’s not a complete loss while it’s listed.

From short-term leasing, to filming, to coworking and shared space expertise, V7 allows developers and real estate owners to adopt a more modern approach for the times with experts by their side.

The Perfect Locations

Ventra7 crafts mutually beneficial lease terms with Landlords to revive and rebuild worn down, hidden gems in the community. V7’s network of workspaces is exceptionally unique and offers a hybrid of shared workspace for both accomplished professionals and aspirational, creative, entrepreneurs alike. We cater to a sophisticated and business-minded community of thinkers, creators, engineers, and innovators.

We aim to create inspiring, modern environments, that are generous of space, both communal and private so that you can stimulate your thinking but also set down to concentrate and produce when needed. Our locations have their own unique vibe—in ideal neighborhoods of metropolitan city centers like DTLA, with great buildings and a booming creative scene. If you or anyone you know owns a building that is a hidden gem and is currently not being utilized to its full potential, call us.

We are an interdisciplinary team of designers, architects, and story-tellers who happen to be licensed in real estate.

We skillfully integrate brand design into the built environment, creating meaningful connections between people and places.