Rustic Modern Restaurant

Rustic Modern Restaurant 1920 1281 Sulfur Admin

This Rustic Modern Restaurant Filming Location located on a Prime Corner in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles is now vacant and available full-time for filming, photography, events, pop-ups, short term leasing, and long term leasing. The newly renovated clean geometric lines and unique designer styled modern wood design all you to dress it up as a fancy full-service restaurant. The full beer bar and prominent flat screen TV’s give you the option to dress it down as a sports bar.

Industrial Jewelry Showroom

Industrial Jewelry Showroom 4032 3024 Sulfur Admin

This Industrial Jewelry Showroom Filming Location in Downtown Los Angeles is conveniently located in a newly renovated historic 1920’s building in the fashion district. Now available for filming, photography, events, retail product showcases, demonstrations, and fashion shows, this space has that great raw creative artist vibe that will lend authenticity to your production or show.

Modern Fine Dining Restaurant Chic Lounge 49 ZM

Modern Fine Dining Restaurant and Chic Lounge

Modern Fine Dining Restaurant and Chic Lounge 3000 2000 Sulfur Admin

A contemporary fine dining restaurant built into an architectural gem in the heart of the Downtown LA Financial District, this stunning location has a gorgeous dining room, bar, and outdoor patio, as well as an underground whiskey bar and speakeasy. The location couldn’t be better, and with lots of different spaces and vibes to work with, the possibilities are endless as a unique filming location, production space, or for events and private parties.

Downtown LA Parking Lots

Downtown LA Parking Lots 1024 683 Sulfur Admin

Here’s a collection of eight privately owned flat surface parking lots now available for film productions and events. Strategically located in prime locations throughout Downtown LA, each of these locations is perfect for your next film, music video, food truck event, beer festival, outdoor movie screening, or, well, parking.

Downtown LA Whiskey Lounge

Downtown LA Whiskey Lounge 1200 800 Sulfur Admin

Hidden beneath a contemporary fine dining restaurant in Downtown LA, this elegant whiskey lounge awaits your imagination for filming, photography, and events. The sleek lounge features one of the broadest selections of fine whiskey in Los Angeles, backlit with a custom LED bar design that seamlessly blends classic and modern styles. Within this hidden gem is an even more hidden gem, an intimate speakeasy-themed bar lined with old bricks and red leather.

Barber Shop Hair Salon

Barber Shop Hair Salon 1620 1080 Sulfur Admin

Light and bright newly renovated barbershop hair salon in Downtown Long Beach now available for filming and events! Subtle vintage and industrial design touches punctuate an overall minimalist aesthetic.

London Pop-Up Shop Retail Space

London Pop-Up Shop Retail Space 1623 1080 Sulfur Admin

This incredibly high profile, deeply versatile retail space is located in the heart of Seven Dials, one of London’s busiest shopping districts and home to brand stores such as Nike, Benefit, Sonos, and Superga. With 32 million visitors per year from 80 different countries, this central London neighborhood is perfect for high visibility product launches, pop-ups, and showcases. The location also has that distinctively urban British feel for film productions and photoshoots.

Bank Vault NightClub

Bank Vault NightClub 903 565 Sulfur Admin

Located in the old Banking District, this property was built in 1914. A century ahead, this once National Bank, now prestigious nightclub keeps the early design of the 1920s and the original bank vault intact for awesome experiences. The multi-ton stainless-steel door (made by the Mosler Safe Co.) still closes, but will always remain open so that the patrons can utilize the space dubbed “the Vault.” Comfortable seating options are available throughout, whether it be the VIP stage, dance floor, or chamber rooms, where wealthy bank patrons once examined the contents of their safe deposit boxes.

Another featured area is the Ghost Bar, highlighting hand-painted ceilings and rich and elegant details.