Fashion Industrial Showroom

Los Angeles, California

1,000 S.F.

Located in a grand historic building built in the 1920s, this fashion showroom has thrived as a retail PR showroom and creative office space in movies, tv shows, music videos, and photoshoots. Recently renovated, this space captures the essence of LA lifestyle business location sets in fashion, media, arts, and publishing. It’s a space that encourages fluidity offering studio, office, and showroom workspaces all in a single set location.


Creative Fashion Industrial Retail Showroom


Physical Description: This space includes a restroom, wifi, sink and a small backroom, freight elevator, nearby parking, and an outdoor patio.  Here are just some of the functions we love to host at this location:

  • Retail and product launch pop-ups
  • Gallery exhibitions and installations
  • Press launches
  • Large conferences and talks
  • Film screenings
  • Photo and video production
  • Culinary demonstrations

Availability: Regular retail operating hours are 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM Monday to Saturday, but filming and events have open availability on Sundays, and are otherwise available with special reservations and buyouts.


Newly renovated creative building in the Fashion District in Downtown LA

Ideal for both filming AND events

Multi-day booking discounts available

Space features an outdoor patio

Nearby parking lots and structures. Parking rates range between $12 – $18

Centrally located in Downtown LA with easy access

Guaranteed to be great

Walk in, take a look around, and start living. Zeus homes are carefully designed to feel like home from the moment you walk in: fast WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen, crisp towels, and a comfortable bed. All included—and guaranteed to be great.

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[IC] Toiletries
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[IC] Fast WiFi
[IC] Utilities
[IC] 24/7 Support
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