IMG_8115 Crocker Club Vault Bank for Filming Los Angeles

Bank Vault NightClub

Los Angeles, California

6 Rooms/Areas
5200~ sqft

Located in the old Banking District, this property was built in 1914. A century ahead, this once National Bank, now prestigious nightclub keeps the early design of the 1920s and the original bank vault intact for awesome experiences. The multi-ton stainless-steel door (made by the Mosler Safe Co.) still closes, but will always remain open so that the patrons can utilize the space dubbed “the Vault.” Comfortable seating options are available throughout, whether it be the VIP stage, dance floor, or chamber rooms, where wealthy bank patrons once examined the contents of their safe deposit boxes.

Another featured area is the Ghost Bar, highlighting hand-painted ceilings and rich and elegant details.


1920's Theme Bank Scene Bank Vault Bar Casino Filming Location Historic Location Scout Nightclub Production Safety Deposit Boxes Speakeasy Vault


Size: Approx 5,200 sq ft main area

No. of Rooms/Areas: 6

Capacity (Main Seating Area): 250

Capacity (Mezzanine): 60

Physical description: Nightclub is on the basement level, down one flight of stairs, and sits entirely on one floor. There are 2 Separate Bars, 2 Dance Floors, 2 Lounges, 1 Bank Vault Room, 1 Dry Storage Room, 1 Full Kitchen, 1 Full Office, 1 Secret Passageway, 1 Secret Room

Availability: Currently still operating as a bar/nightclub on Friday and Saturday nights. Available for events and productions all other days and times.


Parking Lots within 1-2 blocks ranging from $12 – $24 in price.

Centrally located in Downtown LA with easy access

DJ Booth with High-end Sound System

Versatile layouts with multiple spaces and floorplans.

Type 48 Liquor License with a wide selection of alcohol in inventory

Great for Filming, Photoshoots, Productions, Events, Private Parties

Guaranteed to be great

Walk in, take a look around, and start living. Zeus homes are carefully designed to feel like home from the moment you walk in: fast WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen, crisp towels, and a comfortable bed. All included—and guaranteed to be great.

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