Additional Documentation Request

  • Additional Documentation Request

  • When additional documentation is requested, an (ADR) form is required to be filled out by the requesting party to generate the proper record request chain per Policy. The response must be submitted within a specified time frame for review and approval determination. In most cases, documentation is sent 5-7 days after your ADR submission.

  • By submitting this form, I, the recipient, acknowledge that the requested documentation is provided at the discretion of Ventra7 as a courtesy. I acknowledge and agree that all of the information herein, to be sent, and all other information made available to the recipient is deemed to be confidential and proprietary information and will not be used in any manner against Ventra7. I agree that this request and the associated documentation will be used only for the purpose of continued partnership, collaboration, and/or active engagement interest in good faith and there will be no commercial exploitation of the information.