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Modern Creative Retail Event Gallery Space

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Built in 1922 this 2-store building located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the Financial District right across from The Bloc features a ground floor retail store front flex space with approximately 7,500 SF of available space is a perfect location for all media, productions, events, and creatives.

We’ve worked with small to large-sized productions ranging from photoshoots, music videos, commercials to feature films. We understand the industry so we make it as easy as possible for you and your team shoot in spaces!

Please note: After hour rates and weekend rates are 1.5x times the listed rate. After hours begin at 8pm daily at this location.

Industrial Jewelry Showroom

Industrial Jewelry Showroom 4032 3024 Sulfur Admin

This Industrial Jewelry Showroom Filming Location in Downtown Los Angeles is conveniently located in a newly renovated historic 1920’s building in the fashion district. Now available for filming, photography, events, retail product showcases, demonstrations, and fashion shows, this space has that great raw creative artist vibe that will lend authenticity to your production or show.

Fashion Industrial Showroom

Fashion Industrial Showroom 1920 1278 Sulfur Admin

Located in a grand historic building built in the 1920s, this fashion showroom has thrived as a retail PR showroom and creative office space in movies, tv shows, music videos, and photoshoots. Recently renovated, this space captures the essence of LA lifestyle business location sets in fashion, media, arts, and publishing. It’s a space that encourages fluidity offering studio, office, and showroom workspaces all in a single set location.