Offices for Filming

Corporate Offices & Cubicles for Filming

Corporate Offices & Cubicles for Filming 2560 1708 Napp Da

Iconic commercial building in the Shopping District of Woodland Hills by the Warner Center. These corporate offices are perfect for filming office scenes. The cubicles and conference rooms make this an ideal law firm, financial firm, bank scenes, and can be made to look like any type of office from a creative retro look to a modern headquarters. The space can be arranged to accommodate any size cast and crew ranging from a single private office to multiple cubicles and conference rooms spanning the floor.

Filming in the lobby space and rooftop can also be arranged as an add-on. This space is furnished with cubicles and desks.

We’ve worked with small to large-sized productions ranging from photoshoots, music videos, and commercials to feature films. We understand the industry so we make it as easy as possible for you and your team to shoot in our office spaces! This office space is perfect for bank scenes, office scenes, law firm scenes, coworking scenes, and wall street scenes.

Note: After-hour rates and weekend rates are up to 2x times the listed/regular rate.